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"Don't normally leave reviews, but wow. Within 15 minutes I was onboarded, and already connected to 12 different publishing channels"

Peter De Weirt
The Fat Lady - Digital Agency

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"I am incredibly excited about @StoryChiefApp. Anyone who creates multichannel content, needs approval workflows or wants to plan campaigns should check this out. Beautiful intuitive product, completely beats much more established alternatives like Hubspot."

Pieter Gunst


Ivan Braun

Founder @

"StoryChief is like Buffer, but for articles. It is also a way to deal less with the WordPress backend. 

Somehow I like WordPress, but hate their admin area. Editor is far superior to the WordPress one."

"Instantly cut our content process in half. Moved over from using Dropbox Paper which was a nightmare to get into WordPress. This system is very well thought out, and every time I think "It would be great if it did..." I find out it already does. It's literally replaced 3 other tools or manual steps we were using. Super easy to use and highly intuitive."

Rick Bannerman

Digital Marketing Consultant @ SocialGorillas

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