The Content Marketer’s Guide to Remote Work.

We’re walking you through every step of the content marketing process through a remote perspective. And along the way, we’re dropping trips and tricks to help you:

✅save time  ✅stay sane  ✅hit your goal metrics

Grab your favorite blanket and take a seat on your couch (bye office chair), and let’s get started.


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I have been a Marketing Director for more than 10 years, but I have never seen the times like these. I have recently used A LOT of time reading up on the remote work. Your book stands out as the easiest read and a very well designed asset each marketer should grab today.

About the authors:

Dayana Mayfield

Remote copywriter at

Lisa van Impe

Marketer at

34 pages of easy-to-understand insights

Succeeding as a remote content marketer requires you to get creative to get closer to your customers and learn from your team. This book will teach you how to become a remote marketing expert

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