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No need to copy-paste content in your CMS after you've finished the review process. Write, review and collaborate inside the editor.

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"The tool saves us a ton of time on collaboration and multichannel publishing. Different authors, guest writers or freelancers can get access to an article to add, write or adapt content. Small technological interventions can make a great deal of difference."

Lara Deraes

Lara Dereas - Editor In Chief / Bloovi.be

Assign Briefs to each Story

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Get everyone on the same page on how the process works.

Plan Content Campaigns

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Group your stories according to your business strategy.

Content Calendar

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Have a clear overview of what's been done and deadlines coming up.

SEO Virtual Assistant

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Optimize your content and boost your Google ranking by 300%.

Version History

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Track all your changes and restore previous versions of content.

Approval Process

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Stop wasting time waiting around for approvals and feedback.

Comes with cool collaboration features

"Since the implementation of Story Chief our communication strategy has been streamlined and we've created more impact, reach and leads with our content."

Servaas Le Compte

CEO / Artists United

Servaas Le Compte

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