Invite friends to earn

up to a 100% discount

  1. Invite a friend and get a 5% discount immediately, stackable to 15%.
  2. Receive a 20% discount per person that converts to a Professional plan, stackable to 100%.

How it works

Navigate to the referral section inside your account to check your status.


  1. How do I get a 100% discount?
    Invite a bunch of friends with your unique link and/or share it on social media. Once someone upgrade to a Professional plan, you'll receive a 20% discount. If five upgrade, your own StoryChief account will be totally free!

  2. If I already have a 100% discount and one of my referrals downgrades, will I jump back to 80% on my next billing cycle?
    Yes, so make sure to invite lots of people so that they can help you stay at 100%.

  3. Can I combine coupons with referral discounts?
    No, this is not possible.

  4. How long does this discount last?
    The 5% from invited users is valid forever. 20% discounts from users on Professional plans are valid for the duration of their plan.

  5. When do I get my first 15% discount?
    You will receive a 15% discount when 3 people sign up, they don't have to be a paying customer. Once one of them purchases a Professional plan, you'll automatically jump to a 20% discount (+20% for each additional).

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