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Absolute Jobs saves time on publishing multilingual articles with StoryChief

"I've learned to know StoryChief in my previous company and it turned out to be a great match also for Absolute Jobs. We were looking for a simple and user-friendly platform to collaborate better and StoryChief was exactly that. I love the flexibility of the system and how much time it saves on creating content and publishing to our online channels!”

Broos Debrabander

Senior Marketing Communications Consultant @Absolute Jobs

About Absolute Jobs

As a recruitment agency, their mission is to find that talent and match it to the right employer. 

Absolute Jobs is a recruitment company specialized in filling labor market shortages in various sectors, with a solid option for skilled workers and talented white-collar employees. 

With 10 offices around Belgium, 47 Absolute Jobs employees are committed to helping people land their dream job.

When Broos started at Absolute jobs, he immediately encountered challenges with the collaboration flow and on publishing blog posts to both the company website and social media. Absolute Jobs have a multilingual website running on SiteManager, and Broos needed a solution that will help him centralize collaboration and also save time when publishing articles in six different languages (Dutch, French, English, Portuguese, Polish, and Romanian).


A multilingual website and not having a centralized system where two main points that pushed the Absolute Jobs marketing team to look for an all-in-one content marketing platform.

How StoryChief helped

The marketing team now has a clear overview when using the content calendar; it even helps them with planning and scheduling new campaigns. Currently, Broos is focused on driving traffic, so he is also using the built-in analytics of StoryChief, where he checks the performance of each story and how many reads and views it acquired.

Another huge plus point was the fact that StoryChief integrates with SiteManager, the platform that Absolute Jobs use for their website. Because of this, they were connected in just a few minutes.

StoryChief proved to be a perfect fit for Absolute Jobs since it supports the creation and publication of multilingual articles. 

The next step for Absolute Jobs would be setting up an online community where they can share the content in different languages and they definitely see StoryChief as a tool to help them manage it.

🔥 Saving up to one hour on collaboration per article

The Results 

🔥 Saving up to 4 hours when publishing to six different languages

Absolute Jobs account is a great example of managing multilingual articles in your StoryChief account.

"As a Marketing Manager, I really like how I can track and measure all the stats of each story and campaign. I also love to use the content calendar because I have a clear overview and I can plan in advance!"

Broos Debrabander

Senior Marketing Communications Consultant @Absolute Jobs

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