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How StoryChief helped ArtistsUnited to become a thought leader for artists and the cultural sector 

"I really like how everything is automated in StoryChief. I don’t have to do boring copy-pasting anymore. Before I needed to adjust the layout and format every single time to publish something, now I just do it once in StoryChief and it sends directly to our channels.”

Servaas Le Compte

Managing Director & Adviser at ArtistsUnited

About ArtistsUnited

Thanks to their consultants and partners, they have many years of specific expertise and experience in the sector. Knowing the needs of artists and creatives who are confronted with numerous practical problems and often encounter incomprehension or insufficient fundings. The advisers in ArtistsUnites are experts with years of experience, but among other things, they understand well the social status of the artist. 

ArtistsUnited is an independent organization that helps and advises creatives who work in the cultural and artistic sector. 

ArtistsUnited NGO gives valuable information and support not only to is for all creatives, freelancers, artists, but other non-profit organizations, companies, and associations of all kinds can make use of the services that ArtistsUnited offers.

Considering Servaas is in charge of creating and publishing the content, he was looking for a tool that would help him streamline all his content creation and distribution. He also wanted to save his time because he was spending hours and hours adapting the blog post to different layouts and formats - from their website (Drupal) to social media channels, newsletters, to Medium and Google AMP.  


ArtistsUnited share their content on their website, social media, and other platforms. Their goal is to make useful information, news, and tips available for every artist in Belgium. 

How StoryChief helped

Servaas waved goodbye to endless procedures that used to slow the process of sharing content with the world. Efficiency and simplicity - in one tool - is exactly what Servaas wanted. 

The layout in StoryChief always looks very professional and he doesn’t have to worry about the uniformity. Once the blog post is published and shared, StoryChief takes care of the design and redirection to the original story without creating duplicate content.

StoryChief helps ArtistsUnited distribute articles across different channels with the push of a button.

Artists United's blog posts now reach far more people than before, for example, the article, "RVA abolishes the statute." for example, was read 5,237 times. 

🔥 Saving up to 2 hours for writing an article

The Results 

🔥 Saving up to 3 hours on multichannel distribution

"Since the implementation of StoryChief my communication has been streamlined and I get more impact with my articles. It's so easy with Story Chief. MailChimp, social media, you name it. Moreover, there is the possibility to share work with a co-author, to create content together.”

Servaas Le Compte

Managing Director & Adviser at ArtistsUnited

Channels ArtistsUnited publishes to with StoryChief


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The way you work 

is everything.

Spend more time creating high-quality content and forget about technical hurdles. 

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