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The communication department of BESIX uses StoryChief to optimize multichannel publishing

“StoryChief is one of the most useful tools that we're using and it helps us in our day-to-day content marketing. From writing to publishing, the tool covers all aspects of our processes. Thanks to all their efforts, especially from the Development & Support team, communicating with our audiences has become a lot easier and faster for us.”

Thibaut Samzun 

Digital and Sponsoring Expert


Since first going into action in 1909, the BESIX Group has over the years grown into a multidisciplinary company with a leading position in its markets: construction, property development, and concessions. BESIX Contracting specializes in construction, infrastructure, and marine works, often in contracts with a high level of complexity.

BESIX has evolved from an esteemed contractor into a full-service enterprise that brings added value to any construction. 

Contracting is still their core business, but BESIX's activities in concessions and assets and Real estate have taken flight as well.

Every time they had to publish some content or press release, it would usually take up to 3 hours because they have to publish to their press website, corporate website, all social media channels, intranet, emails to partners, etc. 

They were using another PR platform to deliver those processes in a clear and organized way, but the tool just didn’t seem to cut it. That's why they started searching for an alternative.


The content team of BESIX Belgium had issues to centralize and streamline the content workflow at BESIX. 

How StoryChief helped

It takes them only 2 minutes to publish a story because it's only a click on a button! 

Thibaut and the content team are currently exploring other benefits of the tool like SEO and readability score, average read time, campaigns, etc. 

Today the entire communication department of BESIX uses the StoryChief to publish our content.

From 3 hours to less than 5 minutes to publish on all digital channels 🔥  

The Results 

BESIX Group has over 15,000 employees and they use StoryChief Ambassadors feature to send updates and news about the company so they can reshare it on their own networks

“At BESIX, we switched to StoryChief because it improves our content publishing flow. From 3 hours to less than 5 minutes to publish on (almost) all our media. And this doesn’t even take into account the time gained from improving our copywriting flow”

Thibaut Samzun 

Digital and Sponsoring Expert

Channels BESIX uses with StoryChief

Sitecore Website

Social Media

William for the Newsroom

The way you work 

is everything.

Spend more time creating high-quality content and forget about technical hurdles. 

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