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How an online publisher keeps a clear overview of their content flows which generates in more time to create more quality content.

"The tool saves us 2 hours of time per story on collaboration and multichannel publishing. Different authors, guest writers or freelancers can get access to an article to add, write or adapt content. Small technological interventions can make a great deal of difference."

Lara Dereas

Editor In Chief / Bloovi Content Hub

About Bloovi

A Bloovi reader is open-minded, has an enterprising spirit, is focused towards the future, opens themselves up to innovation, and desires to live in a better tomorrow.



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The organization is mainly focused on informing their readers about the latest online trends, software information, and inspiring stories.

The pain point

"Because of the large amount of content Bloovi delivers every day, we had to deal with a highly increased workload and manage our content flows..."

"We were one of the first companies to actually use StoryChief. It's so impressive to see how fast the tool is growing. When I contact one of the team members to suggest some new features or changes to the existing ones, I don't even get the chance to finish my request for a solution to pop up. Nothing is ever too much to ask and I can count on their support every day."

Lara Deraes

Editor / Bloovi Content Hub

With StoryChief

"We use StoryChief on a daily basis to publish all our content. The main strength of StoryChief? It's an all-in-one publishing tool with an intuitive design that makes it easy to manage our content flow. According to me, this ease of use is the greatest asset of StoryChief. Also, the fact that the StoryChief team understands the importance of an ongoing optimization strategy is important to us."

Alexander Bouckaert

Content Manager / Bloovi Content Hub

The way you work 

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Spend more time creating high-quality content and forget about technical hurdles. 

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