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Freelance writer Hans Hermans found a perfect partner in StoryChief

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“In only one day, I had a new website that I use as my portfolio. Usually creating a new website can take months to make and it costs a lot. That was really great because I was tired of using WordPress. Since I am not very technical, StoryChief was such a great tool to work with. Creating an article is easy. No code is required, importing videos goes smoothly and the dimensions of my photos are correct.”

Hans Hermans

Freelance journalist and ghostwriter @Compact Publishing

About Compact Publishing

The publishing company, Compact Publishing, is primarily a supplier of content to companies and a number of media houses. Business journalism is completely his thing. The clients of Hans can expect good, relevant content they can actively distribute on online channels. 

Hans Hermans is a one-man operation responsible for Compact Publishing. He is a freelance business journalist and a ghostwriter.

Some of Compact Publishing clients include Telenet Business, Trends, Deloitte, Agoria, Metro, and Cypres.

All the attention goes unselfishly to his customers and creating stories for them, so Hans didn’t want to be bothered with technical things.

He came in contact with StoryChief via graphic designer, Mieke Van Den Ouweland, from She used to work with Hans and recommended the tool since she understood well what Hans needed. 


Hans had been somewhat dissatisfied with his website for some time. His WordPress site was due for renewal, both technically and in terms of content.

How StoryChief helped

StoryChief quickly turned out to be the solution for strengthening his online presence as well as for switching to a more user-friendly website. He uses StoryChief entirely for his content creation and publishing. With StoryChief, Hans received a free blog that he turned into his own blog/portfolio where he shares his work for potential clients to read.

Hans also uses the Teamleader integration to be able to capture more leads with his content.

With StoryChief, Hans has more time to focus on what really matters and that is creating articles and attracting new clients.   

Since he started using StoryChief he started getting clients that he wanted, together with the number of new projects

"I really like the layout and feel of the editor, it helps me focus on what matters, my writing. The publishing process couldn’t be easier, it’s just one click. As a freelancer, I work with many companies and I always recommend them StoryChief, especially to other writers and journalists!"

"StoryChief cut my writing and publishing process in half!"

The Results 

Channels Hans publishes to with StoryChief

StoryChief blog

Social Media

Teamleader lead capture forms

AMP Channels

The way you work 

is everything.

Spend more time creating high-quality content and forget about technical hurdles. 

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