StoryChief x Ink.

Copywriting collective meets in one platform to collaborate easier and write better 

“With StoryChief I have a feeling like there is a second person in the room guiding me and telling me how to improve my SEO and readability score. Plus I can easily share the SEO results with my clients to reassure them how their blog is optimized for the web.”

Freelance copywriter and founder of ink.

About ink.

After 4 years of successful freelancing, Jill recently launched a copywriter collective - together with 7 other writers - under Ink. to write for different clients and in different languages (mostly Dutch, French and English). 

Based in Ghent, Belgium, she mainly has Belgian clients, but her sharp and witty style of copywriting is made for international glory.

Jill Mathieu is a copywriter with almost 13 years of experience working in communication.

Some of her customers are City of Antwerp, Fnac, Focus Knack, BNP Paribas Fortis, Cointreau, Schweppes, VAP Vlaanderen, Senseo, etc.

Working with fellow writers and multiple clients is a crucial part of her job, so she wanted a solution that will get everyone on the same page. It was also time-consuming to always keep her copy layout consistent when sending to clients for review. Feedback and approvals also took a long time, and they would often become quite messy.

Clients use Word, Google Docs, email, and sometimes even WhatsApp to communicate, so it’s not a surprise Jill wanted to unify her communication and writing.


Jill was looking for a solution that could help her centralize her collaboration flow and writing process. 

How StoryChief helped

She usually shares this info with her clients. Because of this, they have even more trust that the work that she delivers is not only well-written but also optimized for the web. Using StoryChief with other writers in her ink. collective aids them in giving feedback and approvals in a clear, understandable way. Writing in StoryChief is much easier and faster, so Jill and her collective can actually get more done.

Jill started using StoryChief a year ago; her workflow immediately improved. Every copy she writes, StoryChief guides her to make it both SEO friendly and improve the readability score by following simple tips.

“StoryChief saves my time because I don’t have to worry about the layout - I dedicate my attention fully to writing a good copy.”

The Results 

"The SEO and readability score are such cool features and I feel much more confident in writing but also when showing the scores to the clients."

The way you work 

is everything.

Spend more time creating high-quality content and forget about technical hurdles. 

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