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How The Fat Lady makes content great again (with a little help from StoryChief)

“Having an overview of our stories and seeing stats immediately in the dashboard helps me to check the performance easily. Plus there is an SEO and Readability score built-in which is definitely helping me optimize our articles while writing."

Barbara Goffaerts

Digital Marketer and Content Manager @The Fat Lady

About The Fat Lady

The Fat Lady is a multiple award-winning content marketing agency that merges marketing, branding, and storytelling and builds strong brands with an authentic, creative, and valuable brand story. Their main focus is content marketing, from idea to strategy. Other than that, their expertise also encompasses social media, PR and native advertising.

The Fat Lady is led by Koen Denolf and Frank Geerts,

with over 20 years of experience in communication and marketing.


The Fat Lady has an extensive amount of content creators and writers, so it was crucial to have a centralized place where they can write, collaborate, and create interactive articles. Google Docs was their main tool for collaboration process, but the problem was that everyone was using the platform differently.

The layout wasn't coherent, which also made multi-channel publishing a long copy-pasting process. Needless to say, they were losing a lot of time and wanted to find a better way to organize their team, as well as simplify the distribution of their content.

Behind every successful content marketing agency, there is a great content team. 

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How StoryChief helped

The writers are able to easily access StoryChief to see their brief, start writing directly in the editor, give feedback, approve, and share ideas. They can check the SEO score while they write and embed content from other sources. Once the article is ready, Pieter can adapt the meta description and then customize the message for different channels.

Soon after using StoryChief, the content team at The Fat Lady understood the value of one centralized place to manage their content marketing

Now The Fat Lady saves up to one hour per article on multi-channel publishing!

"It took maybe 15 minutes to set up everything! From WordPress integration to a user-friendly editor, StoryChief proved to be fun and hassle-free content management platform.”

Online marketer @The Fat Lady

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