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How StoryChief helps a travel agency inspire your next best vacation

“We use StoryChief daily in our team, and invite guest writers on a regular basis. The biggest positive outcome is that Storychief makes it fun and easy to create and publish content without extensive knowledge of a complicated CMS system. We use a portion of the tool for now, but there are so many possibilities that we still need to explore more”

Amély Mondy

Social media and content specialist

About Neckermann/Thomas Cook

They offer various holiday options: abroad, local, winter, city trips, cruises, and inspirational trips. Worldwide there are 22,000 employees ready to give customers an unforgettable and carefree holiday. Neckermann Belgium is part of the Thomas Cook Group, one of the largest travel companies in the world.

Since its creation in 1979, Neckermann has grown into one of the most important tour operators in Belgium. 

Thomas Cook is supported by 22,000 employees and operates in 17 different markets; it is number one or two (by revenue) in all of its core markets.

As there is a lot of content created and published daily, Amély needed a centralized place where her team and freelance writers could easily collaborate.

Amély was looking for a solution that would help her manage the platform.

The Compagnon team creates around five articles per day, so it was necessary that they find a solution that would help them work together in both a smarter and more efficient way.


The bilingual (French and Dutch) “Compagnon” website brings inspiration, tips, and offers for travelers. 

How StoryChief helped

StoryChief proved to be easy to implement and fun to use. Amély and her team of 27 content creators and guest writers can focus more on what matters to them - creating content that will inspire their audience to travel more. Inviting guest writers is extremely important to Amély; luckily with StoryChief, she can invite an unlimited number of them. 

Using StoryChief made their briefing, feedback, and approving process unified, which makes her team happier as they don’t have to bother with any possible technical hurdles.

Amély and her content team use StoryChief on a daily basis now to create, collaborate, and publish their stories on their Compagnon platform.

Compagnon is a great place to start planning your next travel. Expect offers, tips and stories from other travelers!


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“Working with Storychief makes it easy for us to create stories every day, buying us time to think about our next move.”

Amély Mondy

Social media and content specialist

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Spend more time creating high-quality content and forget about technical hurdles. 

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