StoryChief x WinWinner

How a financing platform saves time and attracts new investors with StoryChief

"Before StoryChief we struggled to keep everything centralized since we create a lot of content for our partners. Google Docs just wasn't the right fit for us. We needed both a collaboration and publishing tool. StoryChief streamlined our workflow, it became such a time saver for us!"

Partner/CMO Win Winner

About WinWinner

WinWinner's mission is to bring alternative forms of financing to companies with growth potential. Their extensive network supports your financing campaign through, among other things, private investors, crowdfunding, bank financing, government measures, and subsidies.

In 2016, Matthias Browaeys and Aelbrecht Van Damme started a platform for investors and startups.

The process of feedback and approval was hectic, while publishing was manual and time-consuming. 

On top of their collaboration pains, they were also not happy with the current options in their CMS. Using Webflow's blog turned out to be a slow and not user-friendly process.


The WinWinner content team wanted to replace Google Docs since it was just too much hassle collaborating with many partners and other guest writers.

How StoryChief helped

All of their campaigns are streamlined by having clear communication between guest writers and the WinWinner content team. Previously they had to send newsletters manually, but now they are scheduled to be sent out automatically every day when a new campaign goes live. 

It's also easier to manage their website channel since StoryChief has native integration with Webflow. 

By using StoryChief, the WinWinner team has been able to receive more funding than ever before. All by being able to reach more people with every campaign.

WinWinner also made use of the StoryChief free blog and made it into their press website where they share their latest press releases.

"We used to publish our stories to all our channels manually, plus we always went back and forth with the briefings. Now, everything is done in one central hub where we work with guest writers. The only thing I need to do is push that magic green button 'approve' and the campaign is ready to be launched."

🔥 2 hours saved on collaboration on each campaign

🔥 3 hours saved on multi-channel publishing

🔥 25% increase in the number of new investors

The Results 

Channels WinWinner uses with StoryChief


Social Media



Google AMP



The way you work 

is everything.

Spend more time creating high-quality content and forget about technical hurdles. 

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