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Gain more leads by creating, managing and publishing stories about your services or products with StoryChief. You can also save time by publishing your articles to multiple channels with only one click and measure your traffic and gained leads in one place.

Teamleader provides an all-in-one tool for CRM, invoicing and project management. Integrate all your favorite tools within the user-friendly Teamleader software which results in a time-saving workflow.

StoryChief +


The leads you captured through StoryChief will be synchronized with Teamleader, which in turn handles the complete lead to sale process. 

Never leave your sales team without new leads again!

"The tool saves us 4 hours per article on collaboration and multichannel publishing. Different authors, guest writers or freelancers can get access to an article to add, write or adapt content. Small technological interventions can make a great deal of difference."

Lara Deraes

Editor-in-Chief @ Bloovi

I am incredibly excited about @StoryChiefApp. Anyone who creates multi-channel content, needs approval workflows or wants to plan campaigns should check this out. Beautiful intuitive product, completely beats much more established alternatives like Hubspot.

Pieter Gunst


Ivan Braun

Founder @

Instantly cut our content process in half. Moved over from using Dropbox Paper which was a nightmare to get into WordPress. This system is very well thought out, and every time I think "It would be great if it did..." I find out it already does. It's literally replaced 3 other tools or manual steps we were using. Super easy to use and highly intuitive.

Rick Bannerman

Digital Marketing Consultant @ SocialGorillas

StoryChief is like Buffer, but for articles. It is also a way to deal less with the WordPress backend. 

Somehow I like WordPress, but hate their admin area. Editor is far superior to the WordPress one.

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